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  • Red Wine Before Smoking Can Offset Damage to Blood Vessels

    A glass or two of red wine before lighting up a cigarette can counteract some of the short-term negative effects of smoking on blood vessels, a study says.

  • Introducing Chinon: A Red Wine With Attitude

    No subject at Wine School has provoked more interesting conversation than Chinon, a red wine from the Loire Valley of France based on the cabernet franc grape.

  • 5 Types of Wines and the Best Time to Enjoy Them

    Wine is a classy alcoholic drink which is now being recognised for its health benefits too. Some experts regard red wine as heart-friendly while others claim that white wine is full of powerful antioxidants.

  • Red Wine Wards Off Cholesterol

    Drinking red wine can ward-off cholesterol build-up resulting from eating red meat, say scientists.Harmful compounds from red meat form in the bloodstream, creating "bad" cholesterol that damages blood vessels and heightens cardiac risks.The researchers...

  • Gigondas: The Red Wine Everyone's Taking About

    For the last few weeks, the subject has been Gigondas, a red wine from the southern Rhne often thought of as a diminutive (and cheaper) version of the majestic Ch"teauneuf-du-Pape.

  • Red Wine Chemical May Protect Against Cancer

    A chemical found in red wine remains effective at fighting cancer even after the body's metabolism has converted it into other compounds, a new study has claimed.Researchers at the University of Leicester's Department of Cancer ...

  • Sip Red Wine for Healthy Heart, Brain

    Drinking red wine can help protect the heart, and it may boost brain power too.According to beauty magnate Liz Earle, creator of Liz Earle Beauty company, drinking red wine in moderation may prevent blood clots ...

  • Drink Red Wine To Fight Cavaties

    Red wine lovers now have a reason to cheer. According to new research, both red wine and grape seed extract could potentially help prevent cavities - and also a visit to the dentist's chair!The study ...

  • Red Wine, Chocolate Sharpen Your Mind

    Red wine and chocolate make for a deadly combination to keep your mind sharp and alert, a study suggests.Polyphenols, plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate and wines, dilate blood vessels, speeding the supply of blood ...

  • Thumbs Down To Benefits Of Chocolate, Red Wine

    There is no proof to show that chocolate and red wine protect the heart, even though a study has suggested that they lower cardiac risk by 37 percent, say scientists.This was only a 'sign', however, ...