Winter Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers: Foods That You Must Eat And Avoid

It is necessary to understand the important of a proper diet for a breastfeeding mother during such harsh weathers.

Dr Jagdish Kathwate  |  Updated: January 24, 2020 10:35 IST

Winter Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers: Foods That You Must Eat And Avoid

It's a no brainer that the chilly weather during winter can take a toll on the baby's as well as mother's health. Hence, it is essential for the breastfeeding mothers to take care of themselves and pay extra attention to what they eat. Winter is on full swing, and it is the need of the hour for breastfeeding mothers to take charge of their health along with their new born. So, the new mothers who breastfeed should make sure that they stay hydrated, eat nutritious food, avoid oily, spicy and sugary foods, amp up their immunity levels, and take precautions like avoiding venturing out in cool air and maintain the right room temperature.

This is so because there are high chances that the mother and the baby may fall ill during these cold months. Keeping certain important things in mind can do the trick.

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Foods That Breastfeeding Mothers Should Eat And Avoid During Winter

It can be a good idea to start your day with warm lemon water. This can be good for your digestive tract and may regularise your bowel movement. Moreover, lemon is also jam-packed with vitamin C that may improve your immunity. Opt for soups and stews that will give you adequate nutrition and ease your digestion. While cooking, see to it that you add garlic and ginger in your diet as they contain antibacterial and antiviral proprieties and keep allergies and infections at bay, and ensure proper milk supply.


Furthermore, eat shiitake mushrooms which are considered as a super food. Staying hydrated is important; drinking lots of water can ensure a regular supply of milk. Try to include vitamins, and other nutrients like calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium, that can help increase milk production. Eat tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, salmon, chia seeds, milk, nuts, and fruits like apricots, avocados, melon, and citrus fruits.

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3cdlf0jBreastfeeding mothers should eat superfoods as they are high in nutrients and fibre 

Avoid eating spicy, junk, oily, gassy (broccoli, cauliflower) and sugar-laden foods. Also, skip raw foods and seafood. Remember that you must consult an expert to find out which foods are best for you.

Apart from food, mothers should also see that they stay fit and healthy during winter. For that, it is essential to take few steps like -

Dress properly: Mothers, make sure that you wear right kind of clothes that can help you breastfeed your baby. Opt for long-sleeved nursing tops, kaftans, and cardigans that may allow you to breastfeed your baby easily.

Take care of nipple numbness: If you are exposed to cold and experience nipple pain or numbness, then warm compression can do the trick.

Deal with blocked milk ducts in winter: During those chilly months, many women experience blocked ducts in the breast. Hence, they can opt for breast massage, and warm compress to relieve themselves from the pain.

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Don't go out in cold weather: Winter can be harsh on you so see to it that you don't venture out in cold. In case you do so, don't forget to cover yourself as it can help you protect from allergies and infections. 

About Author: Dr Jagdish Kathwate is a Consultant, Paediatrics; Neonatology in Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune. 

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