Pic Of 'Antivirus Tiffin Center' In Odisha Goes Viral. Or Should We Say Antiviral?

A food stall owner decided to name his eatery, 'Antivirus Tiffin Center' in keeping with the sentiment of the times. Take a look at the post!

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: November 04, 2020 17:11 IST

Pic Of 'Antivirus Tiffin Center' In Odisha Goes Viral. Or Should We Say Antiviral?

This picture of a food stall in Odisha has gone 'viral' for the right reasons.

  • A picture of 'antivirus tiffin center' has taken internet by storm
  • The food stall is located in Berhampur, Odisha
  • Here's what netizens said about the eatery

There's no denying that Coronavirus has impacted businesses and livelihoods all over the world. Restaurants and menus have also adapted to these uncertain times in their own way. While a vaccine against the pandemic is eagerly awaited, immunity-building is currently one of the primary concerns of individuals. Products and home remedies which claim to boost immune health are selling like hot cakes. This was the impetus for a food stall owner in Berhampur, Odisha, who took the pandemic in his stride to market his business.

The owner decided to name his food stall, 'Antivirus Tiffin Center' in keeping with the sentiment of the times. The intriguing board of the stall was captured by a visitor, who soon shared it on Reddit. Take a look at the post:

Antivirus Tiffin Center ! from r/india

The picture was shared by u/element_guy on the subreddit r/india, which is the official subreddit for India with over 421k members. Since the time it was shared, it received 3k upvotes and counting, and 99% users upvoted the post. "Live up to the trend," was the caption written with the picture.


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We could see a number of people standing at the Odisha eatery, which had a variety of items on sale. 'Antivirus Tiffin Center' had dishes like Idli, Dosa, Upma, Puri, Samosa and Vada in its menu. Netizens couldn't help but react at the clever name which was in keeping with the ongoing health situation. "Hope he is not adding sanitizer to the meals," commented one Reddit user while another wrote, "Modern problems require modern solutions."

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What did you think of the interesting food stall? Have you seen such a creative eatery in your neighbourhood too? Tell us in the comments below!


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