5 Effortless One-Pot Recipes For Busy Working Women

Sep 05, 2023 17:34 IST
Every day presents a whirlwind of challenges for women, from dawn's early breakfast preparations to planning dinner late into the night. Juggling household chores with a demanding job can be an uphill battle. For the hardworking women out there, the struggle to whip up a wholesome meal after a long day at the office is all too real. But fret not, because we've got your back! We've curated a list of one-pot wonders that will not only save you time but also spare you the dreaded mountain of dirty dishes. Let's dive right into these game-changing recipes!
  • One-Pot Chicken Rice

    Craving the rich flavours of Biryani but short on time? Our Biryani-Style One-Pot Chicken Rice is here to save the day. With minimal ingredients and a straightforward preparation, you can indulge in the Biryani experience without the hours of cooking. Don't forget to serve it with a side of cooling Raita for the perfect finish. Click here for recipe
  • Masala Dalia

    Oatmeal can be more than just a bland breakfast option. Our Masala Dalia recipe transforms it into a quick and easy meal without sacrificing health benefits. Packed with fibre, minerals, and vitamins, this dish is your go-to on those busy days when time is of the essence. Click here for recipe
  • Masala Vegetable Khichdi

    Khichdi, a staple in Indian households, gets a flavorful makeover in our Masala Vegetable Khichdi. Combining the goodness of vegetables with the wholesome blend of pulses and rice, this dish is a spicy twist on a classic. Get ready to elevate your khichdi game! Click here for recipe
  • Fried Rice

    Leftover rice takes centre stage in this quick and delightful Fried Rice recipe. In a matter of minutes, you can toss your favourite vegetables with hot and spicy sauce to create a mouthwatering meal. Pair it with some chutney for a delectable experience that'll leave you craving more. Click here for recipe
  • Soya Pulao

    In just 15 minutes, you can whip up a delightful Soya Pulao that's both delicious and packed with protein. Soya chunks meet fragrant rice and an array of flavorful spices in this one-pot marvel. Whether it's lunch or dinner, this recipe is a lifeline for the working woman craving comfort food. Click here for recipe
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