5 Hyderabadi Tea-Time Snacks That Will Make You Ask For More

We just can't imagine chai without some snacks by the side. Here, we curated a list of delicious snacks from Hyderabad for you to try. Take a look.
  • 5 Hyderabadi Tea-Time Snacks That Will Make You Ask For More

    We can't seem to stop raving about a "kadak" cup of tea for some reason. Many of us rely on this beverage to start the day off right or to relieve work-related stress in the evening. And when it comes to tea, there have to be snacks too! Today, we bring you some yummy Hyderabadi tea time snacks recipes!
  • Hyderabadi Aloo Kulcha

    Click here for recipe You must have all tasted kulcha recipes made in the Punjabi style. Here, we offer you a Kulcha dish with a distinctive Hyderabadi touch. You can either eat it alone or with delectable South Indian gravies.
  • Shami Kebab

    Click here for recipe Shami kebab must be included in every list of Hyderabadi snacks! This Hyderabadi snack is a fantastic example of a regal delicacy. If you serve it with parotta, you're good to go.
  • Hyderabadi Toast

    Click here for recipe This meal will definitely whet your appetite if you've been craving "chatpata" food. You can eat it for breakfast in addition to an evening snack.
  • Shikampuri Kebab

    Click here for recipe Shikampuri kebab is a unique dish from the royal kitchens of Hyderabad. It is made with the mixture of minced mutton or chicken, chana dal, yoghurt, and a variety of aromatic spices.
  • Hyderabadi Fried Chicken

    Click here for recipe This recipe is ideal for all situations, whether as an appetiser for a big occasion or just because you are craving a plate of crispy chicken. In contrast to other fried chicken recipes, this one is really simple.
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