5 Low-Fat Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Here we have some low fat recipes that you can add to your diet.
  • 5 Low-Fat Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss

    When losing weight, many of us wish to indulge in low-fat recipes. But a lot of people mistakenly believe that low-fat dishes are either bland or boring. But actually, low-fat recipes can be just as tasty! So, if you are in search of some low-fat recipes, here we have some dishes that you can try:
  • No Oil Dal Tadka

    Click here for recipe Although dal tadka is frequently made with ghee, this particular recipe is low-fat because it uses neither oil nor ghee. Instead of butter, water is used in the tadka to temper the spices. This dal is really wholesome and nourishing.
  • Masala Bhindi

    Click here for recipe Bhindi is incredibly beneficial to our bodies. Bhindi is transformed into a wonderful masaledaar sabzi when cooked with Indian spices like amchur powder, pepper powder, turmeric powder, and lemon juice. This dish is a must-try.
  • Low-Fat Shawarma

    Click here for recipe The street-style shawarma can be exceedingly fatty and is covered in mayonnaise and oil. But we've discovered a healthy, low-fat approach to making shawarma. This shawarma sauce is made with yoghurt, and the chicken is cooked in a tiny bit of oil.
  • Dahi Chicken

    Click here for recipe This dahi chicken will provide the same creamy curry without the elements that are high in fat. The curry is made rich and silky by the yoghurt.
  • Paneer Bhurji

    Click here for recipe If you prefer paneer, paneer bhurji is a nutritious and delectable meal that you can have at home. Red chilli powder, coriander powder, a variety of hot spices, and a mere drop of oil are used to cook crumbled paneer.
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