5 South Indian Snack Recipes To Pair With Your Evening Tea

Oct 06, 2022 10:57 IST
There's something very soothing about South Indian cuisine that leaves us craving for more. We bring you some delicious South Indian snack recipes that you can pair with your evening tea.
  • 5 South Indian Snack Recipes To Pair With Your Evening Tea

    There's no better way to enjoy a work break than with a piping hot cup of tea. And tea doesn't seem complete without some snacks by the side. Here are some instant South Indian snacks that make a perfect option to pair with chai. Take a look.
  • Makhana Dosa

    Click here for recipe No South Indian list is ever complete without the mentioning of the humble dosa. To prepare this, all you need is a handful of basic ingredients like makhana (of course), curd, salt, and of course, no fermentation.
  • Instant Bread Dosa

    Click here for recipe We bring to you an instant dosa recipe that can be made with none other than the staple - bread! Yes, you can make instant dosa in just five minutes with bread.
  • Bread Medu Vada

    Click here for recipe As the name suggests, these vadas are made with bread and some other very basic ingredients that complete the dish. And trust us, the bread medu vada has a similar taste to the regular vadas.
  • Murmura Idli

    Click here for recipe Here's a unique idli recipe that is made with the humble murmura. If you try this murmura idli recipe, don't forget to pair it with sambar and chutney.
  • Poha Appam

    Click here for recipe We have found an easy way to make appam. With basic ingredients easily available at home (like poha), you can whip up the delicious appam in just 10 minutes.
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