5 Winter Achar Recipes You Must-Make

Nov 08, 2021 19:13 IST
A spoonful of pickle has the power to amp up the taste of any dish. This season, try these yummy winter pickles.
  • 5 Winter Achar Recipes You Must-Make

    It's the winter season, and during this time, it's not only about having those special winter foods but also about the yummy achar recipes that we experiment with! Since our childhoods, we have seen our dadis and nanis making heaps of achar that we enjoy throughout this season. So, if you want to make some of that special winter achar at your home, then look no further as we have just the recipes that you can make easily make at home and enjoy with your meals! Find them below:
  • Adrak Achar

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    You can create a little batch or a large batch of instant ginger achaar to store for longer. This achar can be made in under 15 minutes with only four main ingredients: ginger, lemon, green chillies, and salt
  • Onion-Garlic Achar

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    Onions are available all year, but there's something special about this flavorful onions garlic achar that makes it a wintertime must-have. to make this recipe, all you need to do is saute onion and garlic with masala and boil in vinegar until all pieces are saturated with tanginess, then cool before storing in an airtight container.
  • Mirchi Ka Achar

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    Mirchi ka achar is a spicy and flavorful accent to a plain winter lunch. Slit the middle of the chillies and load them with masala; keep in an airtight container with a bit of mustard oil.
  • Gajar Ka Achar

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    The fresh, crunchy carrots found in the winter months are unmatched; they are precisely the proper combination of juicy and sweet to make the greatest pickles. Mix mustard seeds, chilli powder, and mustard oil together in a medium-sized bowl. The achar should be ready in about 10 days if stored in an airtight container.
  • Muli-Juli Sabji Achar

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    Winter vegetables such as mooli, carrots, and gobhi are at their peak at this time of year. You can quickly make up an achar with these vegetables and store them in the fridge for up to two weeks
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