7 Popular Indo-Chinese Recipes

Jun 18, 2021 18:53 IST
Do the crunchy chilli potatoes and spicy noodles make you slurp? If yes, then make these Indo-Chinese dishes at home and enjoy with your family.
  • 7 Popular Indo-Chinese Recipes

    We Indians have managed to Indianise foreign flavours to match our palate. One such instance is the Indo-Chinese cuisine. Widely popular among all, it is the desi-style Chinese available at every nook and corner of the country. And the best part is, you can make it at home too. This is why we found 7 recipes that can help you make your favourite desi Chinese dish at home.
  • Chowmein

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    Chowmein is the most popular dish when it comes to Indo-Chinese foods. A go-to dish for many, it can be prepared in a variety of ways. We bring a recipe that needs less than 30 minutes for preparation.
  • Chilli Chicken

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    Chicken chunks, coated with spicy sauces - chilli chicken spells indulgence. You can have it as an appetiser or pair with noodles or rice to put together a full-fledged meal.
  • Fried Rice

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    Fried rice is comforting and super easy to make. All you need to do is add some vegetables and sauces to the rice and stir-fry. You can make it with left-over rice too.
  • Chilli Paneer

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    Indians' love for paneer needs no introduction. A popular alternative for chicken and meat, paneer is used to prepare vegetarian version of every dish possible. Here, we have the veg version of chilli chicken - it's the chilli paneer.
  • Manchurian

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    Chowmein and Manchurian makes a classic combination - and there's no denying to it. You can have this as dry or with gravy- the deep-fried Manchurian balls dunked in flavourful sauce - Manchurian can be enjoyed both dry and gravy-based.
  • Honey Chilli Potato

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    Honey Chill Potato is a juicy, crunchy, and flavorful snack that you just can't have enough of. The best part is you can easily make at home in just a few minutes.
  • Spring Roll

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    A popular appetiser, spring roll is a hit at every dinner party. And the best part is you get both the veg and non-veg version of this delicacy.
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