Navratri 2022: Kick-Start The Festivities With These Vrat Special Recipes

Sep 26, 2022 17:18 IST
The festival of Navratri begins today (on September 26, 2022) and end with Dussehra on October 5, 2022. Here're few vrat recipes for you to try.
  • Navratri 2022: Kick-Start The Festivities With These Vrat Special Recipes

    Navratri 2022 is almost here, and we cannot wait to celebrate it. In Sanskrit, the word "Navratri" means "nine nights." These nine days are dedicated to Goddess Durga, and many people observe a fast. And if you are also fasting these nine days, here we bring you some recipes to make.
  • Aloo Ki Kadhi

    Click here for recipe Enjoy the comforting tastes of this delightful, mild curry created with the incredibly versatile potato. Instead of eating the repetitive aloo ka falahar, opt to eat some wholesome aloo kadhi to make your Navratri even more memorable.
  • Low-Fat Makhana Kheer

    Click here for recipe Desserts make people happy, so here is a recipe for low-fat kheer made with makhana and nuts. Your fast will be much more enjoyable thanks to this delectable kheer recipe!
  • Kuttu Dosa

    Click here for recipe If you enjoy eating dosas, try something new this Navratri instead of the traditional kuttu puris. A crisp dosa recipe made with buckwheat flour and filled with potatoes. Serve it with coconut and mint chutney.
  • Kuttu Chilla

    Click here for recipe This cheela dish that is really simple, healthful, and vrat-friendly to try during Navratri! Add some shredded ginger and paneer on top.
  • Chawal Dhokla

    Click here for recipe This recipe for dhokla is spiced with whole red chilies, cumin, ghee, and curry leaves. Enjoy this special cuisine for the Navratri fast at home with our recipe.
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