New Year 2022: 5 Detox Drinks For Your Weight Loss Resolution

Jan 03, 2022 15:38 IST
Detox drinks have time and again proven to be beneficial for our health. This new year, make these delicious detox drinks for weight loss.
  • New Year 2022: 5 Detox Drinks For Your Weight Loss Resolution

    If your New Year resolution is again to lose weight, then this time, we are here to help you stick to your resolution! Of course, we all know that exercising or any physical activity is essential for weight loss. But a healthy and balanced diet is also important. While there are many protein-packed and low-calorie recipes that are weight-loss friendly, detox drinks, too, have proven to be effective in many ways. These drinks not only help to improve your health but as per studies, they can help to lose weight too. So, for you to indulge in its goodness, here we bring you five delicious and easy-to-make detox drinks you can add to your routine.
  • Turmeric-Honey-Ginger Tea

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    Turmeric, honey, ginger, and black pepper are all excellent detox ingredients that you can combine and have after a hearty meal. Boil these four powerful anti-inflammatories and antibacterial foods to make this detox tea.
  • Hot Apple Punch

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    This hot apple punch is made with apples, cinnamon, and other spices. The contents of an apple can aid in removing toxins from the body. Cinnamon, on the other hand, has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Amla Juice

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    Amla, which is high in vitamin C, is also known to boost metabolism, aid digestion, and aid weight loss. So chop some amla and blend it to make this detox drink.
  • Cucumber Shots

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    Green cucumber shots are a must-try for anyone who thinks detox drinks can't be interesting and tasty. This has the refreshing flavour of cucumber and will aid in the cleansing of your system.
  • Carrot-Orange Juice

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    If you have oranges and carrots in hand, simply make this orange and carrot mixture and enjoy. This detox juice will aid your health and will also fulfil your morning hunger.
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