These 5 Chai Recipes Are Perfect To Have This Monsoon Season

Chai and monsoon season go hand in hand. Here we have some yummy chai recipes for you to try!
  • These 5 Chai Recipes Are Perfect To Have This Monsoon Season

    Monsoon is here, and we all love having a cup of chai in this weather! Sitting on our balconies with a piping hot cup of chai, some snacks, and the company of your loved ones, feels like absolute bliss! Until now, we all have had the classic masala chai recipe; however, if you wish to indulge in more such delicious tea recipes, we have just the list you need. Check out the recipes below:
  • Mulethi Tea

    Click here for recipe The ancient plant mulethi has many advantages. The antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties of mulethi are well known and can help treat seasonal illnesses such as colds and coughs. Plus, it also has a soothing taste!
  • Adrak Masala Chai

    Click here for recipe We regularly prepare this recipe. But with a hint of adrak (ginger), the taste becomes more heavenly! A cup of delicious adrak chai is good for any day and time!
  • Kashmiri Noon Chai

    Click here for recipe The exquisite flavour and alluring aroma of noon chai are surely loved by everyone. This chai can also be made using Kashmiri green tea instead of gunpowder tea leaves. The inclusion of chopped dry fruits and dried rose petals gives the tea a royal touch.
  • Star Anise Masala Chai

    On lovely rainy afternoons, prepare this masala chai with star anise and other common spices for a special and relaxing "sham ki chai." You can pair some biscuits with this recipe.
  • Tulsi Chai

    Click here for recipe We are all aware of the many health advantages that tulsi provides, particularly as the seasons' change. Simply boil a few tulsi leaves for around five minutes before continuing with the standard tea method to make this tea.
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