These Healthy Breakfast Recipes Will Be Ready In 15 Mins

May 30, 2022 09:16 IST
Most of the morning, many of us just simply cook a paratha or have bread. But these dishes, might not be healthy. So, to give your breakfast a healthy twist, here we have some recipes.
  • These Healthy Breakfast Recipes Will Be Ready In 15 Mins

    Breakfast is one of those things that we quickly want to make and fulfill our morning hunger. Unfortunately, many of us skip breakfast since it can take a long time to cook. So, to change your routine and to give you some healthy breakfast recipes, we have just what you need! Here we bring you some easy-to-make and nutritious breakfast dishes that will be ready in 15 minutes.
  • Banana Porridge

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    If you don't have time to make a meal, try this simple breakfast recipe with oats, chia seeds, bananas, milk, dates, and nuts. A delicious one-pot breakfast with plenty of nutrients - this will keep you satiated for a long time.
  • Baked Eggs

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    In many households, eggs are a common part of the breakfast menu. If you're sick of eating eggs the same way, it's time to try something new. In just 15 minutes, you'll be able to make a protein-rich breakfast with this recipe.
  • Oats Uttapam

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    This is a nutritious meal that is high in protein and fibre, garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Plus, who doesn't love South Indian food?! Try it out today.
  • Vegetable Sandwich

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    Who wouldn't want to eat a sandwich with some crunch and cream? Cucumber, onion, and capsicum add crispness to the stuffing, while grated carrot and paneer make it mushy and creamy.
  • Scrambled Eggs

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    Scrambled eggs are the epitome of comfort food. Eggs are beaten and mixed together in a skillet with milk or cream, pepper, and butter in this rich and creamy recipe.
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