Weight Loss: These 5 Desi Recipes May Help Shed Extra Kilos

Desi food is generally known for being spicy and buttery. But there are certain recipes that can even help you with weight loss! Check out these recipes below!
  • Weight Loss: These 5 Desi Recipes May Help Shed Extra Kilos

    When it comes to weight loss, we all believe that we would have to add extra fancy ingredients to our diet. But that's not true! We always don't have to move away from our regular diet to shed some extra kilos. Even our most beloved desi recipes can help with weight loss. Don't believe us? We have some delicious desi recipes for you that might help in weight loss. Check them out below!
  • Oats Idli

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    This snack is low in carbs and high in protein, making it an excellent complement to your weight loss diet. Instead of using a conventional rice batter, this idli uses super-nutritious oats.
  • Egg Chaat

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    Protein, healthy fats, and vitamins are all found in abundance in eggs. Not only that, eggs are also incredibly adaptable. With a delightful desi twist, this boiled egg chaat expands the variety of the dish.
  • Coconut Rice

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    Coconut rice is one of the most popular south Indian dishes. Coconut rice is light, easy, aromatic, and tasty, and it can be made weight loss-friendly with a few simple changes.
  • Matar Upma

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    Matar, or green peas, are low in calories and high in vital vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin K, C, folate, manganese, protein, and fibre. The best aspect is that they're quite adaptable, so you can use them in anything, from pulao to upma!
  • Oats Chilla

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    This cheela is thick, full of nutrients, and comes with the extra goodness of peas, making it the ideal way to spice up monotonous oatmeal. This cheela is high in protein, and an instant hit
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