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Beachcomber the new bar at Sun n Sand Hotel is a welcome change to Juhu's monotonous hangouts.

I'll have just a drink or two," my friend, who I dragged for the review of Beachcomber -- the all-new bar at Sun n Sand hotel in Juhu -- announced when I picked her up on Friday evening. The events that followed contradict her statement and confirm that Juhu has a new bar worth frequenting.

Replacing the space of Aqua Spirit, Beachcomber -- a person who searches the beach for treasures, as our host explained with pride and excitement -- has rediscovered gems -- Bloody Mary turns into Marvellous Mumbai Mary (Rs 500), the Classic Mojito transforms into a Mango and Rosemary Mojito (Rs 500) and margarita turns a Smoky Tamarind Margarita (Rs 500).

We eyed the menu -- created by UK-based bar veteran Dre Masso and in-house bartender Elton Rodrigues -- with a raised brow, not sure whether the boastful menu would quench our thirst. Turns out, we were worrying without reason.  A few (unsaid) rules before we started drinking -- don't grab the drink once placed on the table.

Every drink has an interactive presentation, we learnt after being politely chided by Rodrigues to wait for the server to 'present' the drink. First came, Mango and Rosemary Margarita in a wooden barrel mug. The server lit the rosemary sprigs and the teasing aroma was irresistible. The first sip tasted like aam ras, gatecrashed by mint. The hint of rosemary remained only an illusion and we wish that the mint had been more was dormant. Overall, a fresh drink for those who like it sweet.
Next came a tall, real tall glass of Marvellous Mumbai Mary, the winner. Rimmed with red chilli powder, and a mesh of celery, we were sure a sip of the drink would leave us gagging for water. Surprisingly, the tomato and Tabasco were blended in perfect quantities, with the wingman, the chilli, playing a subtle charmer. However, we wonder what an entire glass of that would do to the digestive system.

Then came the Millionaire Martini (Rs 600), a girly drink comprising a shot of champagne and piece of chocolate along with the main drink a concoction of vanilla vodka and apricot fruit liqueur, layered with passion fruit foam. Super sexy. We munched on wasabi-coated nuts. The green pellets of fire went well with the drinks.

Two innovative drinks involved tea and coffee -- Double Vanilla Espresso Martini (Rs 500) and The Magic Pot (500). While the server fired an orange peel into the coffee, The Magic Pot came oozing with white vapours of dry ice. Full of fun elements, we turned into college girls drooling over a cute professor. This could be an ideal destination for a girl's night out. Those looking for a place to sit back and sip their regular poison will be served just that way at the bar which is open from 4 pm to 12 pm.

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By the end, as we gazed at sculptor Arzan Khambatta's work on one wall, we felt like two successful beachcombers, resting on the warm sands, relishing our treasure.

Drinks: Spirited
At: Beachcomber, Sun n Sand Hotel, Juhu
Call: 6693 8888


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