Kitchen Appliance Review: Weber Gas Grill Q 1000

Amit Pamnani  |  Updated: July 19, 2017 10:46 IST

Kitchen Appliance Review: Weber Gas Grill Q 1000
So you have a weekend coming up, and the cloudy skies seem to be the perfect backdrop for a barbeque party with close friends. The beers have been stocked up, the meats and veggies have been marinated and chilled, you’ve got different types of cheese and wine all ready, and then, all that is missing is a super-efficient grill to dish out batches of lip-smacking treats. This is where the Weber Gas Grill Q 1000 steps in.

It is a light, portable, chic looking piece of equipment. The actual grill is made up of porcelain enamelled cast iron material, and the compact size is perfect to take along with you for picnics, camping trip to the jungle, lunch party at the beach, or perhaps to your terrace and have a Sunday feast. You just need two things for this trendy piece of appliance to work- the grill (of course!) and a portable gas cylinder.

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How Does it Work?

Initially, you might get intimidated at seeing various parts of the grill. But, the easy instructions in the manual make its assembly very easy. There is a pipe which needs to be connected to a portable gas cylinder. Once that is fitted, you need to put the grill on to preheat, which takes about 10 minutes to heat up, and then you are ready to start the show. There is a button which you need to press to get the flame ignited. There is also a rotating knob which helps you control the flame of the grill. What’s more? It comes with a sleek cover which seals the grill perfectly in case you need to cook big chunks of meat.
Once the equipment is fired up, it is a smooth process without any complications or long waiting time. Just put the meat or vegetables on the grill, adjust the knob to the desired flame strength, and enjoy the charred flavour of the food!

Cooking with It

In terms of look, Weber Gas Grill Q 1000 scores full points. So when it came to its functionality, we tried a number of dishes to test whether it lived up to its worth. We started with the simple garlic bread and as we placed the pieces on the grill, within a minute it started developing the beautiful charred marks at the base while the top was sizzling with the buttery garlic. It was hard to resist the smell of roasted garlic!

Next, we marinated a variety of vegetables like mushrooms, spring onion bulbs, bell peppers, aubergine slices and potatoes in different marinades, and threw them on the grill plate. Each one cooked beautifully within two-three minutes and had perfect grill marks on them. As for the aubergine and potatoes, we closed the lid over the grill to let them look a little while longer as compared to the others and they turned out perfect too.

This was followed by chicken legs and seekh kebabs. The boneless kebabs took under four minutes to cook, was nicely charred on the outside and succulent inside. The chicken legs though, as expected, took a while to cook, requiring us to cover the grill with the lid. After nearly 15 minutes of cooking, the chicken was nice and juicy from the inside and crusty on the outside.

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The Cleaning Process

The cleaning couldn’t be simpler; let the grill cool completely once you are done cooking. Remove the grill plates, and wash them with soap water to remove grit. The grill plate consists of two halves, so they fit easily in the sink. The inside part of the grill chamber can be cleaned with a clean moist cloth. There is an aluminium container below the grill which collects all the debris. It can be removed and cleaned.

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The Conclusion

Weber Gas Grill Q 1000 is an excellent piece of equipment for camping and outdoors. If you travel in your SUV on adventure trips, then this grill can be considered as an extension of your vehicle. One more advantage of this gas grill over a charcoal grill is that there is no messy debris from leftover ashes, and there is no long waiting period for the charcoal to heat up to the correct temperature – this starts immediately.

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The only disadvantage which we could think of is in case you want to use it indoors, you need to make sure you have an LPG cylinder – your domestic piped gas would not work with this. Also, those who are a little particular about the smoky flavour of barbecued treats, characteristic of grilling the food over charcoal, they may frown a little. The pricing is a little steep, but investing in a portable cylinder makes all the sense in the world for a hassle-free barbecue experience.

CommentsIt is priced at Rs. 19,995.

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