Rocky and Mayur and Their Top Favourite Restaurants

   |  Updated: December 30, 2014 13:17 IST

Rocky and Mayur and Their Top Favourite Restaurants

The love for fast food is fast growing in our country. From stringy pizzas to juicy burgers, people have embraced this so-called western food culture with much enthusiasm. It's not surprising to see new, stand-alone restaurants popping up overnight, especially in metro cities. These places promise to offer a unique variety and cater to all sorts of taste buds.

At NDTV Food, Rocky and Mayur explore the length and breadth of the country to serve you nothing but the best. These food connoisseurs share their favourite spots to sink your teeth in those juicy burgers, rejoice over the cheesiest pizzas and wash down all the excitement at the best bars across three popular cities. Brace yourself for the ultimate party guide!

Best Burgers

Rocky & Mayur answer the question that haunts us all- where do we find the ultimate meaty, juicy and saucy burger?


Attention all burger fans, this is the best spot for the juiciest meat. Rocky finds these burgers to be nothing short of spectacular. Their 10-inch hamburger has a soft, tender bun with a bit of spice in every bite. The owner of the restaurant claims that one who can finish off this mega treat can have it for free! Mayur is surely impressed with the vegetarian fare, particularly, the American-style burgers with an Indian twist. He tried a special Curried Vegetable Burger with greens and Madras curry, dressed in mayo. They also recommend the Crispy Veg Hot Dog and Slider Dogs.


Thulp represents Bangalore in every sense - the food, the culture and everything. Here, Mayur tried a variety called, The Middle Path. It is a crispy sweet-corn and tofu patty served in a nice soft bun, the patty is thick and easy to eat.


Mayur believes if food looks good to the eye, your taste buds are ought to love it and we agree! Presentation is a must. The burger buns here are freshly baked. Rocky raves about The Table Burger with a firm sesame glazed bun, fried egg white, a layer of mushrooms along with crispy bacon and a layer of caramelized onions. It boasts of the Angus beef patty which is really juicy and tender. Mayur tried the Tables' Vegetarian Burger which has an unusual crunchy patty served with cheddar cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions and French fries.

Best Pizzas

A crisp base, stringy cheese, fresh toppings and tangy sauce, all come together to make pizzas a work of art. Rocky and Mayur track down the best slices in the country.


Fat Lulu's is known for their New York style pizzas and its ultra-thin pizza base. Rocky tried the Soho Pizza topped with parma ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage and browned bacon. This is heaven for a meat lover! For vegetarians, the Central Park Pizza simply stands out. It has a gooey cheesy topping with red beetroot, gorgonzola and spinach which really hit the spot for Mayur.


Joey's is an iconic pizzeria known for generous amounts of toppings and cheese! Mayur tried their Mexican Bonanza Pizza with lots of cheese, corn and jalapenos. The Szechuan Pizza is another fusion treat with spicy tomato sauce and juicy chicken chunks. Joey's Popeye Special has a thick crust with spinach, baby corn and paneer as toppings. This place is known for fusion flavours.


Toscana is one of the finest Italian restaurants with an ambience of a European Cafe. Their dishes are authentic with distinct flavours. Rocky loves the harmony of flavors in their Pizza Proscuitto de Parma.

Best Pubs

Rocky & Mayur go pub hopping & attack everything salty, spicy and bite-sized on the bar food menu!


If you love your beer freshly brewed, this place is for you! At SOI 7, all beers are named after boxing moves and are top of the line premium lagers. The Cobra Punch, Knock Out, Straight Jab are the popular ones. It serves Pan-Asian food. Mayur loved their Tofu & Mushroom Skewers marinated with garlic, coriander and lemongrass. He's also a fan of the Oriental Money Bag spring rolls served with hot garlic sauce. The Bird Chilli & Kaffir Chicken Skewers marinated with galangal packs an aromatic punch. Rocky also found their Indonesian Crispy Fish Balada & Chicken Sui Mai to be quite exquisite!


Tucked in a beautiful neighborhood in Andheri West, this is the perfect place to unwind after a long day's work. Their steaming hot Kheema Pav is quite comforting. Rocky finds Jessi's Kerala Beef to be nothing short of fabulous. And their Curry Leaf Fish? It's a cracker of a dish! Mayur patronizes the Gun Powder Idli, Aloo Channa Chakhna and the Bombay Vada Pav.

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On Brigade Street, this pub hits all the right notes - they've got good food, good music and good beer. It is famous for their BBQ Chicken Wings served with a divine BBQ sauce. They also have a 12 wings ABS challenge and Rocky Singh seemed to have made it to the wall of fame with great pleasure.


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