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  • 'Foodie' Brits admit to dining regularly on cereal and pasta

    Despite popularity of cookery shows, almost half of British adults admit to relying on just a handful of meals, poll revealsWe may claim to be a nation of foodies, but a quarter of Britons admit ...

  • Expand Your Rice Repertoire

    It's the staple food of almost half the world's population, yet for most Brits it comes in just two types.We've used rice in Britain since the middle ages: our ancestors boiled it in milk with ...

  • A French Delicacy Discovered by the Brits!

    Frogs' legs are considered a French delicacy, but new archaeological evidence suggests Britons were the first to discover their culinary qualities -- up to 8,000 years ago.Archaeologists at a site close to Stonehenge in southwest ...

  • Forget fillets - try fish heads and sperm instead

    Many Brits have embraced nose-to-tail meat-eating, yet still stick to fillets when it comes to fish. But what about liver, tongue and roe - or even sperm?I have a friend who regularly asks his fish ...

  • Seasonal Eating: Does it Matter?

    A BBC poll has revealed that fewer than one in 10 Brits know when some of the UK's most well-known fruit and vegetables are in season, and supermarkets do little to help. But would a ...

  • Prima Doners: The Best Kebabs in Britain

    The kebab may be best known to Brits as a down-and-dirty snack, but the real deal is a venerable, varied dish. Here are the the winners of the 2015 British Kebab awards.

  • How to Get the Brits to Drink More Beer

    Beer sales are in decline. An ad campaign suggests we enjoy it with our meals, but is food matching really the way to go?

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