Monsoon Hair Care: Home Remedies For Hair Fall

Suparna Trikha  |  Updated: July 18, 2018 14:07 IST

Monsoon Hair Care: Home Remedies For Hair Fall

We find that in the monsoon season, our hair has to deal with specific problems. Enjoy the magic of the monsoon and with a little natural precaution, you'll sail through all the sticky problems of this humid season and have stunning looking hair along the way. If even after using all sorts of products, the quality of your hair is falling apart in monsoons, then fret not, as we're are to help. Falling hair during the monsoon is quite common. Besides going in for a regular trim, use the following hair pack that will help strengthen falling hair and promote hair growth. 

Here are some simple solutions to combat the damage done during the rainy weather.

All you need is-  

1 cup of honey
1 cup almond oil
1 cup ground chamomile leaves
Mix together and apply the required quantity to the scalp and leave on for an hour.
Shampoo with a mild shampoo.
If done twice a week for a month, you will see that your hair is looking thicker and more conditioned.

If you have dull limp and lifeless monsoon hair, take -

20 crushed hibiscus leaves
3 tsp mint paste
Mix with the juice of 2 lemons and apply to the scalp for 30 minutes.
Shampoo off with a mild citrus-based shampoo and you'll see how your hair comes alive.

Hair requires special attention during this season. I have seen women avoid oiling it because the monsoon season tends to give it a limp, dull, lifeless look. Take - 

2 tsp warm coconut oil
Mix it with the juice of two lemons and the juice of one orange
Massage into the scalp and hair.
Give yourself turban therapy and shampoo after an hour.

I have found that a paste of fuller's earth, fenugreek and mint mixed with lemon juice and water makes a great shampoo and leaves the hair absolutely stunning. An after shampoo beer rinse will give it that extra bounce and shine.

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Also, the monsoon season is a time when very often you feel down and depressed with the weather. To heighten your spirits, layer your fragrance, believe me, it makes all the difference. The wonders attached to the nose! In fact, it would be a great idea to also light aroma lamps in your home and office with lemongrass, lime, sandalwood and bergamot. These heighten the mood and help distress the mind.


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