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  • Odisha Orders Testing of Soft Drinks

    The Odisha government has asked district health officials to collect samples of soft drinks in the state after heavy metals were found in different soft drinks in other parts of the country, said an official ...

  • Britain Seeks to Fight Obesity With Soft Drinks Sugar Levy

    Britain on Thursday launched a strategy aimed at curbing childhood obesity by taxing companies which sell sugar-laced soft drinks and investing that money in programmes to encourage physical activity and balanced diets for school children.

  • Portugal to Levy Sugar Tax on Soft Drinks

    Portugal's Socialist government will introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks in 2017 which is expected to raise 80 million euros ($88 million) for the nation's public health service, a budget bill presented Friday showed.

  • Toxins Found in 5 Soft Drink Brands Including Coke and Pepsi

    Lead and other heavy metals like Cadmium and Chromium have been found in the samples of five different soft drinks manufactured by two major multinational companies in India.

  • National Test House Didn't Test Soft Drinks: Experts

    An outfit representing PET container manufacturers has told the National Green Tribunal that the National Test House (NTH) has not tested samples of five different soft drinks manufactured by two major multinational companies in India.

  • PepsiCo Sets Global Target for Sugar Reduction

    PepsiCo Inc has set a target for reducing the amount of sugar in its soft drinks around the world as part of a suite of goals aimed at tackling problems ranging from obesity to climate ...

  • Soft Drinks Hinder Weight Loss: Study

    Avoid soft drinks, as they could alter the way your body burns fuel and make it harder still to lose weight, says a study."This study proves our concerns over sugary drinks have been correct. Not ...

  • Coca-Cola to Disclose Its Spending on Research Into Soft Drinks and Health

    Coca-Cola says it will begin disclosing its investments in scientific research and advocacy about the impact sugary soft drinks have on public health.

  • Soft drinks targeted by new government health campaign

    Smart Swaps programme aims to get families switching to healthier and lower calorie alternatives to sugary popFamilies are being urged to ditch sugary drinks and cut down on saturated fat in the latest advertising blitz ...

  • Soft Drinks Can Cause Permanent Damage to Teeth

    A recent study conducted by the researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia, holds that drinks that are high in acidity can be harmful for children's teeth. The acid present in soft drinks, fruit ...

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