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Grapes' Goodness: Goodbye, Knee Pain!

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Grapes' Goodness: Goodbye, Knee Pain!

Read up! For here is a good news for all those who suffer from knee pain. A recent study has established that daily intake of grapes can help getting relief from knee pain, especially the ones triggered due to symptomatic osteoarthritis. Grapes are high on antioxidants, most important and beneficial one being polyphenols which help in improving the flexibility and mobility of joints.

The results of the research are astounding, Shanil Juma from Texas Woman's University said, "Our findings provide promising data that links grape consumption to two very important outcomes for those living with knee osteoarthritis: reduced pain and improvements in joint flexibility,"

It is found that a particular amount of grape consumption on a daily basis can result in a significant dip in the self-reported knee pain and other relative activity in both men and women. It has been a well know medical fact that Osteoarthritis usually occurs in people over 45 years of age and predominantly in women. The research bears a good word for women as it reports them to have experienced more benefits and pronounced relief as compared to men, however, significant evidence of increased cartilage metabolism was observed in men.

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