Atta Ladoo (Laddu) Recipe

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Atta Ladoo (Laddu)
  • Recipe Servings: 10
    Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
    Total Cook Time:

Atta Ladoo (Atta Laddu) is a rich, whole wheat sweet commonly made in the Indian households for various occasions or festivals. It is a simple recipe with few ingredients, but the texture and taste is amazing! These atta ladoos are very easy and quick to make and are perfect sweet. Here's an easy and instant recipe.

Ingredients of Atta Ladoo (Laddu)

  • 1 kg atta
  • 1 kg boora (or powdered sugar)
  • 1 kg ghee-approx
  • 40 gm sonth / dried ginger powder
  • 3 Tbsp ajwain / thymol seeds, roasted
  • 50 gm raisins
  • 50 gm sultanas
  • 100 gm almonds
  • 100 gm magaz (seeds of melon/water melon)
  • 50 gm makhana (lotus seeds) roasted and lightly fried
  • 50 gm gond (edible gum crystals) lightly fried, and ground coarsely

How to Make Atta Ladoo (Laddu)

  1. Roast almonds and pound coarsely.
  2. Dry roast atta, when lightly colored add ghee and saute till fat separates.
  3. Cool completely, and add rest of the ingredients, form into ladoos and store.
Nutritional Information
Calories 1861.6 Kcal
  • 193.4gCarbs
  • 113.6gFats
  • N/A Cholesterol
  • 19.7gProtein
  • N/AFiber
Calcium: 152.1 mgMagnesium: 181.6 mgPhosphorous: 533.3 mgPotassium: 367.8 mg