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  • You'll Love This Grilling!

    The sun has gone easy on the eyes, there's a nip in the air, and with the media hammering about Valentine's Day, romance is mixed in too. It's the perfect scene to set up your ...

  • Late Summer's Grilling Sweet Spot

    The calendar may claim September as a summer month, but our national psyche insists that it's fall. That's probably because we associate going back to school with crunching leaves underfoot and bundling up in cozy ...

  • Mastering the French Pepper Steak

    Season well with salt and pepper: Thats the first step in countless recipes. It is generally good advice, more so if the salt is the good flaky stuff and the pepper is freshly ground.

  • An Egyptian Recipe for Grilled Fish

    A sticky situation while holidaying in Egypt led to a deliciously fishy culinary experience and the inspiration for this week's grilled fish and fennel salad recipes to share with friends and family.

  • For a Better Steak, Cook Directly on Charcoal

    We've never been the kind of guys to worship outdoor grilling gear and technology.