Italian Food

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  • Vegetable Lasagne

    Brimming with many flavours this lasagne recipe is absolutely irresistible! Sheets of lasagne layered with tomato ketchup, white sauce and vegetables. Drizzled with cheese on top and baked till golden.

  • Red Snapper with Pesto & Asparagus

    Relish the firm texture and nutty flavor of the red snapper with layers of pesto, asparagus and mushrooms.

  • Corn Cannelloni

    This cannelloni recipe is creamy and cheesy with the goodness of corn, paneer and a hint of pepper.

  • Mushroom Mac and Cheese

    The classic comfort food - mac and cheese, now with the goodness of mushrooms.

  • Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna

    Ever thought lasagna could be healthy? Juicy chunks of chicken and delicious mushrooms all layered up with a drizzle of a refreshing tomato-basil sauce.

  •  Quinoa Risotto With Mushroom

    Delicious and nutrition packed quinoa risotto for easy, lazy brunches that will serve your appetite well.

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