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    • Cooking With Seawater - Is It the Best Way to Season Food?

      In Spain, seawater is being marketed as la sal perfecta the perfect salt. But does it really improve the flavour of food? And is it any healthier than regular sodium chloride?

    • Can making your wine listen to music improve its flavour?

      It's the latest bonkers trend to come out of the viticulture industry - and although, yes, it's almost certainly nonsense, it's no stranger than a lot of ideas kicking around in the wine worldWhat would happen if you took a bottle of wine out of ...

    • Cooking to Music: Why Chefs Listen to Heavy Metal

      Top chefs listen to Metallica in the run-up to service - except Jamie Oliver, who prefers Westlife. What gets your toes tapping while your fingers are chopping?When it was announced that Lars from Metallica was writing the foreword for René Redzepi's...

    • Grub's up: Can Insects Feed the World?

      Two billion people already eat insects as part of their regular diet - bugs may not sound appealing, but once upon a time neither did sushi. Is it time to put ants, beetles and locusts on the menu?From the high windows of a warehouse in ...

    • Is it OK to Photograph Your Food?

      Some restaurants have banned diners taking photographs of their dishes, while others are offering food photography workshops. Do you snap your supper, or is it the height of bad manners?At the start of 2013 the debate on whether it's OK to take photographs...

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