Are Fast Food Joints Making You Impatient?

   |  Updated: June 06, 2014 19:04 IST

Are Fast Food Joints Making You Impatient?
Whether you are short on time or need a quick fix to ease your cravings, fast food makes for speedy on-the-go grub. Despite its very own diverse food culture, India has been quite enthusiastic about embracing the fast food culture. It's no surprise to find international fast food chains in almost all metro cities.

Though the consumption of fast food has been criticized for various health concerns like childhood obesity, high cholesterol and heart diseases, this recent research has something new to offer. According to this study, living near fast food fast food joints can make you impatient! (More: A junk food diet can make you indisciplined)

As per the research, living near fast food joints was enough to cause people to become impatient and struggle to unwind or relax. It was found to affect the ability to take things slow in life and enjoy the environment in which you live. As per Sanford DeVoe, an associate professor at University of Toronto, "If you want to raise kids where they are less impatient, able to smell the roses and delay gratification, then you should choose to live in a neighborhood where there is a lower concentration of fast food restaurants."  (More: Obese kids? Don't live near fast food joints)
In one study, several people throughout United States were examined for their ability to enjoy pleasurable experiences like discovering a beautiful waterfall. Their response was then connected to the subjective information obtained about the concentration of fast food restaurants in the places where they lived.

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In another experiment, the researchers tried to assess whether fast food has a causal effect on people's ability to savor. They used pictures of fast food and found that they raised people's impatience and also interfered with their enjoyment of pictures of natural beauty.  On the other hand, when the participants were shown pictures of the same foods on a regular homely setting they showed higher levels of enjoyment.

Sanford DeVoe also noted that, "We think about fast food as saving us time and freeing us up to do the things that we want to do, But because it instigates this sense of impatience, there are a whole set of activities where it becomes a barrier to our enjoyment of them. "

CommentsThe study concluded that living in close proximity to fast food restaurants and being more exposed to its culture may affect our preferences and also our ability to enjoy pleasurable activities.

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