Celebrities React to Maggi Noodles Controversy on Twitter

   |  Updated: June 05, 2015 17:49 IST

Celebrities React to Maggi Noodles Controversy on Twitter
The question on everyone’s mind - what’s in our noodles?  From being India’s favorite “2 minute noodles”, Maggi is now just a symbol of being “lead” down. It’s been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. As it faces countrywide scrutiny, tests are being conducted in various states across the country like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh to check for lead and MSG content.

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It all started in Uttar Pradesh where the Food Safety And Drug Administration (FSDA) collected a few samples and sent them to Kolkata for testing. The report found the samples to contain high levels of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead.
The Delhi government has just announced a ban on Maggi noodles saying the lead content found in the samples is beyond permissible limits. We asked health experts regarding the heavy metal content found in the samples, and they declared that it is extremely harmful for health. If lead is allowed to accumulate in the body over time, then it can spread to your brain, liver, kidney and bones causing long-term damage.

CommentsScroll down to see how the Maggi fiasco probes celebrities.

As awareness regarding the MSG & lead content has amplified, here's how people react to the Maggi muddle -
Let’s take 2 minutes of silence.

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