7 Creative Kachori Fillings You Must Try this Monsoon

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: July 13, 2018 17:18 IST

7 Creative Kachori Fillings You Must Try this Monsoon
  • North Indians have an intense affair with this street food called Kachori
  • Kachoris have various fillings that make them delectable
  • Trend of Kachori is believed to have started by the Marwaris in Rajasthan
Kachori is a famous street food and snack which is perfect for the monsoon season. It is golden and flaky and is loaded with a special filling that may vary from state to state. Kachoris are enjoyed allover the country and throughout the year, but during monsoons, they are more in demand due to their irresistible taste. These heavenly bites, deep fried in hot oil and sometimes in desi ghee, are perfect to gorge on a rainy day. In Uttar Pradesh, it is enjoyed as a popular breakfast item and is generally eaten with aloo ki sabzi and raita. Kachori is believed to have been created and popularized by the Marwaris in Rajasthan. A typical kachori is filled with a spicy mix of moong dal and urad dal, but over the years, people have experimented with many other fillings which are equally delicious.

Here are some of the most popular types of kachoris with different fillings that you must try this monsoon:

1. Pyaz ki Kachori

Pyaz ki Kachori is a traditional snack from Rajasthan. You would find these kachoris in every nook and corner of the cities across the state. It is believed that the Pyaz ki Kachori was first made in Jodhpur and eventually became popular in other cities. This spicy kachori is filled with onions, kalonji, bay leaves, coriander leaves, garam masala, green chillies and fennel seeds and fried in ghee. This kachori tastes brilliant with saunth, a sweet and spicy tamarind chutney.


Where to Find: Rawat Kachori, Jaipur

2. Paneer ki Kachori

Paneer ki kachori is popular in Uttar Pradesh. It is generally eaten for breakfast along with coriander chutney or aloo ki sabzi. It is filled with lots of paneer, asafoetida, chaat masala, coriander powder, garam masala and cumin seeds. It is also great with your evening cup of tea.

3. Hare Chane ki Kachori

Hara chana makes for a delicious filling in a kachori. The kachoris are usually made with wheat flour and stuffed with hara chana, ginger, coriander leaves, green chili and various spices. The filling becomes a little dry and therefore, people like to savour it with raita or spiced yogurt.

4. Dry Fruit Kachori or Mawa Kachori

Dry fruit Kachori or Mawa Kachori is a sweet version of the kachori. It is believed that the Mawa Kachori was invented by a halwai named Shri Rawatmal Ji Deora of Rawat Mishthan Bhandar in Jodhpur. It is made with dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios and lots of khoya (mawa). It is fried in desi ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup.

Where to Find: Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, Jodhpur

5. Spicy Masala Kachori

This one is a regional favourite from Gujarat and like all the other Gujarati delicacies it has a sweet and salty flavour. It is made with a spiced dough which is filled with peanuts, clove powder, cardamom powder and coconut and is fried till crisp.

Where to Find: Shivam Snacks, Rajkot

6. Matar Ki Kachori

It is stuffed with sweet green peas mixed with spices. Matar ki Kachori is also known as 'Vatana Ni Kachori' in Gujarat. These are not as crisp but absolutely delicious. They should be paired with coriander chutney and tamarind chutney to add a mix of sweet and tangy flavours.

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Where to Find: Shyam Sweets, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi

7. Aloo ki Kachori

Loaded with a flavourful mix of mashed potatoes, Aloo Kachoris are served with mango pickle, coriander chutney and sliced onions. Boiled potatoes are mixed with some spices and then rolled and stuffed into the wheat flour dough and which is then fried. In Uttar Pradesh, it is often known as the 'Khasta Kachori'.


Where to Find: Bajpai Kachodi Bhandar, Lucknow

Head to your nearest spot to try their heavenly kachoris that are best enjoyed in this weather with a hot cup of tea.

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