Five food items vegetarians can't stand

 , New York  |  Updated: April 28, 2014 13:51 IST

Five food items vegetarians can't stand
Vegetarians often get to hear how boring their life is sans meat. But eating fake meat all the time simply kills the appetite. There are vegetarian dishes that no longer excite people who stay miles away from meat. shares a list of worst vegetarian foods:

* Any kind of fake meat: Most of the time these products don't taste anything close to the real ones.

* Rice and beans: When you first become a vegetarian, the combination of rice and beans is just delicious. After about a year, the taste of the two together becomes increasingly bland.

* Spring rolls: There's really not much to them. The rolls are just about vegetables wrapped up and fried.

* Bean-centered dishes: Beans are the center of various vegetarian meals like lentil soup, black bean soup and countless stews. The only problem? Beans get boring after sometime.

* Quinoa: The pseudo cereal is a great source of protein and it is extremely versatile. The only problem is that every non-vegetarian seems to think this trendy food is all vegetarians eat and now it's become a stereotypical vegetarian food.

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