For the Love of Brunches and Bow Wow: How About a Michelin-Star-Styled Brunch for Your Dog?

 , NDTV  |  Updated: April 19, 2016 19:44 IST

For the Love of Brunches and Bow Wow: How About a Michelin-Star-Styled Brunch for Your Dog?
  • A 3-course brunch for dogs will be on offer by a London restaurant
  • The special menu will be available from April 27th to May 1st
  • There are many other dog-friendly cafes and eateries in India as well

We've always loved the idea of brunch. It's a lot of fun to put together scrummy yet easy to make preparations which compensate for both, breakfast and lunch. More so when it's a balmy Sunday under the tepid sun and in the expanse of a beautiful backyard, where you are in the company of close friends and family, and of course your super enthusiastic canine who doesn't want to miss making the most of the extra food and petting.

Then there are other rainy days, when the backyard doesn't seem like a good option and you head to cafés and restaurants for a private brunch with dear ones. But then why should your adorable dog be devoid of all the fun? Yes, your pet deserves the best and some extra love. From dog spas, salons, play-areas to a new addition now - special brunch offered at Bluebird restaurant, Chelsea, London.

The restaurant has partnered with a pet store brand Pet Pavillion and is committed to put up "all things doggy" at their 'Bites and Bones Pop-Up' starting from 27th April till May 1st.


"We do love our pet pooches in Chelsea, so why shouldn't our favourite friends enjoy the same kind of pleasures in life as we do?" says Bluebird official website.

At Bluebird special brunch, be assured to let your darling pet be served with a Michelin-style three-course meal along with 'Pooch Hooch' the doggy beer. Adding more appeal to the whole event are other grooming workshops and activities for your pet pooch such as 'doggy disco'.

Don't let your imagination race just yet, when we mean fancy, there's quite a fancy meal in store for your dog, take a look:

Via Bluebird official website

Where Your Pooch Will Have a Great Time

Pet friendly cafés and eateries are nothing new. In fact there are dedicated bars and restaurants with a central theme of 'Love thy dog'. We stumbled upon The Dog Bar located in Charlotte, NC, United States. Another dog-dedicated place that grabbed our attention is the Dog House Drinkery in Texas, Austin. They have a park where your pooch can "hang out" and play.

The Dog House Bar is a place where the master and his humble canine friend can have a great time together - the master sits and enjoys a match sipping on his beer along with the beloved pet. There is also a dedicated menu called 'Dog House Eatz' serving special bar food "with a twist".

Image via Dog House Drinkery website

For those living in India, there is no reason for despair. There are enough dog-friendly places across the country where you can socialise without having to leave your best bud behind. While some of them may offer special eats to your little friends, others offer grooming services or play activities as well.

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