10 Best Brunch Recipes

NDTV Food  |  Updated: March 27, 2019 14:13 IST

10 Best Brunch Recipes

The word 'Brunch' originated in the late 1800s in England and it was traditionally served as a buffet. As the name suggests, it is a cross between breakfast and lunch usually eaten during late mornings.

Brunches are ideal on Sunday afternoons when breakfast is out of question and it's too early to have lunch. There is nothing more comforting than waking up to a lovely, laid back brunch on a lazy day. In fact, it is believed that the idea of this mid-morning meal was first proposed by a British writer, Guy Beringer, as a cure for the Saturday night hangovers. He describes it as a meal that's lighter than what was traditionally served.

We may have not invented the concept of brunch but we've gladly embraced it and have made it a hit. If you live in one of the metro cities, chances are you'd be heading to a hip Sunday brunch on a breezy morning. We're talking about fluffy pancakes, waffles draped in maple syrup, meaty sausages, golden roasted potatoes, sunny cocktails and the works. It's more than just a morning-after meal, brunching out is as fancy as it gets.

A long, leisurely brunch is a great way to unwind over the weekend. In one of his essays, Beringer wrote, “[Brunch] is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.”

For days when you just can't seem to leave your bed, you can always turn to our simple and speedy brunch recipes.

1. Sausage and Potato Casserole

A simple yet satisfying mash up of sausages, bell peppers, potatoes and baked beans.


2. Baked Eggs

Kids will love these baked egg pies - secretly stuffed with spinach & cherry tomatoes.


3. Banana Pancakes

Made with bananas, eggs and drop of vanilla essence, these banana pancakes are best served hot off the stove!


4. Paneer and Salsa Tortilla Wraps

Roll up your sleeves and wrap away a portable meal to keep your cravings in place. Quick wraps stuffed with spiced cottage cheese chunks and a freshly made salsa sauce.


5. Egg Masala

Boiled eggs tossed in a host of desi spices. You'll love it for the burst of flavours


6. Light Chicken Fiesta

Chomp on grilled chicken chunks drenched in pungent flavors of tamarind, honey and soy


7. Bunny Chow

Anything with bread is good! Bunny Chow is a South African recipe of a chicken curry served with buns or bread.


8. Whole Wheat Pasta in Mushroom Sauce

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A healthy pasta recipe topped with a creamy mushrooms sauce.


9. Panzenella

Panzenella is a Tuscan bread salad that is perfect for summers. Bung is juicy tomatoes, cool cucumbers, fresh herbs, bread and all that your heart fancies.


10. Fresh Fruit Parfait

The perfect dessert to round off a lovely summer brunch. Fresh fruits, yogurt, ice-cream and nuts come together to make this quick treat. (More brunch recipes)


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