How To Store Tomatoes The Right Way To Increase Their Shelf Life

It is always good to store tomatoes in a proper way so you can enjoy their freshness. If you don't know how to store them the right way, we have your back.

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: June 15, 2018 17:46 IST

How To Store Tomatoes The Right Way To Increase Their Shelf Life
Tomatoes are an important ingredient in most delicacies prepared in India. These fruits add tang to your curries, salads, pulao and other delicacies that are savoured almost every day. The red delights are eaten raw or cooked and are known to have numerous health and beauty benefits to offer. According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing, tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and lycopene, a source of their vibrant red colour and a superstar of medicinal food substances. Lycopene has been found to lower cholesterol, protect eyes and skin, and boost immunity. While they are super healthy, these fruits do not remain fresh for longer and have a short lifespan. A slight exposure to air or moisture can make them stale in no time. It is always good to store them in a proper way so you can enjoy their freshness. If you don't know how to store them the right way, we have your back.

How to Store Tomatoes the Right Way?


Here are some ingenious ways to store tomatoes for a longer lifespan:

Freeze the Tomatoes

  1. Take fresh ripe tomatoes and remove the stem from the bunch. Wash them under running water to make sure they are clean and no residue is left.
  2. Now let them dry; you can also use a clean kitchen towel to ensure they are dried and thoroughly cleaned. See to it that there is no moisture left on these fruits.
  3. Slice the top portion of the tomatoes from where you plucked the stem out.
  4. On the other end of the fruit, semi-cut it in a small cross-like shape. This mark will help in peeling the tomatoes easily.
  5. Take a zip-lock bag and place all the tomatoes in it and seal it tightly. Store these tomatoes in the freezer and allow them to freeze.
  6. You can use them as and when you need them. Make sure you thaw them or microwave them for a few seconds to bring them into use.
  7. The frozen tomatoes will last upto one month or so.
frozen tomatoes

How to store tomatoes the right way: Wash the tomatoes properly 

Blanch the Tomatoes

  1. Take a bunch of tomatoes and add them into a pan full of boiling water.
  2. Boil them for two to three minutes in order to ensure that their skin comes off easily.
  3. Take them off the pan and let them cool. Once cooled, take their skin off.
  4. Take a glass jar and add a dash of salt in it.
  5. Store these tomatoes into the glass jar and cover it with an air-tight lid.
  6. Refrigerate the blanched tomatoes and use them to make purees.
  7. Make sure your glass jar is sterilised properly.
blanched tomatoes

How to store the tomatoes right way: Blanched tomatoes can be peeled easily

Remove the Stems


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Nobody likes saggy and soft tomatoes; what's causing it is the stem that is attached to these fruits, from which most of the juices escape and evaporate from, often leaving them saggy and black. Remove any large pieces of stem and then store your tomatoes stem-side down on a flat surface, as this will help limit moisture-loss and keep them juicier for a few more days.


How to store tomatoes the right way: Nobody likes saggy and soft tomatoes

Make Tomato Puree

The simplest way to store tomatoes for the longest time is to make puree out of them. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Take fresh tomatoes, remove the stem part and cut into small pieces.
  2. Put all the pieces in a pressure cooker and add water in it. Let them pressure cook for about two to three whistles.
  3. Once they are cooked, let them cool down. Once cooled, blend them into a puree.
  4. Strain the mash using a strainer and discard the leftover. Make sure you have the puree out from the pulp.
  5. Take a saucepan, add the puree in it and cook it on medium flame. Add salt as per your taste.
  6. Cook it for at least 10 minutes until it is thick.
  7. If you wish to store this puree for a very long time, you can add sodium benzoate in it.
  8. Now pour the puree in an air-tight container and store it in the refrigerator for about 20-30 days.
tomato puree

How to store tomatoes the right way: Tomato puree should bee kept in an air tight container

Note: To make the most of these tomatoes, whether stored in the refrigerator or freezer, make sure you bring them to room temperature and then cook them to get the freshest flavour.


Now that you have some amazing tips to store your batch of tomatoes the right way, you can keep them fresh for a longer time and enjoy their juicy and tangy flavour.


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