Kitchen Condiments: 5 Types Of Spreads, Sauces And Dips You Must Keep In Stock

Peanut butter to mayonnaise to tomato ketchup- here's a list of spreads, sauces and dips that you can think of keeping in stock.

Somdatta Saha  |  Updated: June 08, 2020 09:46 IST

Kitchen Condiments: 5 Types Of Spreads, Sauces And Dips You Must Keep In Stock

Condiments are widely used as food enhancers to better the flavour, texture and colour of the dish. It can be a spice, a pickle, a sauce or dip, or dressing that can accompany your meals for that extra punch. Can you imagine eating your burger or fries without the tangy tomato sauce or would you like your salad without a dressing? This is how important condiments are to help us have a better food experience. That's why our kitchen is stocked with different kinds of condiments. Although we use each condiment sparingly, since we eat a variety of foods per day, we still like to have a stash of all kinds of sauces and other food accompaniments, for whenever we need them.

Here Are A Few Condiments We Must Keep In Stock:

Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa:

This is the ultimate spread choice for all the chocolate lovers. It has a perfect combination of the nutty flavour of hazelnut and rich aroma of cocoa. This gooey condiment is apt for spreading on bread, pancake, waffle and more. You can also have it as is! Here's an option for you:

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A popular substitute for sugar, honey is rich in antioxidants, including phenolic compounds like flavonoids. It can be used in tea, cereals, or any kind of sweet dish as a healthier substitute for sugar. You can opt for this:

Crunchy Peanut Butter:

A crunchy peanut butter is always a saviour during the busiest of the mornings. All you need to do is- spread it on bread, make a sandwich and have it on the go. It is said to be a healthier substitute to salted butter. Here's an option for you to consider:

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Tomato Ketchup:

It is one of the must haves in any household. From topping the noodles to using as dip for samosas and fried foods, tomato ketchup has number of usages. You can go for this option:

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Keeping mayonnaise in store can always be useful. From preparing a quick dip to using as spread for burger or sandwich, mayonnaise can always be used as the base ingredient. You can go for this option:

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