Skincare Tips: Drinking Green Tea Benefits Your Skin In These Ways

Skincare Tips: Consuming green tea may benefit your skin in numerous ways. Here we detail all these benefits.

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Skincare Tips: Drinking Green Tea Benefits Your Skin In These Ways

Green Tea has a number of health benefits, including maintaining a healthy skin

  • Green tea is one of the most popular health beverages
  • Green tea has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Green tea may help slow down skin ageing

Green tea is arguably one of the most popular healthy beverages out there. The main reason why this beverage is credited with multiple health benefits is the presence of antioxidants and phytonutrients. The tea is made from the leaves of the evergreen shrub Camellia sinensis, which is commonly known as the 'tea shrub'. Although green tea originated in China, but now the production and manufacture of the tea leaves has spread to various parts of the world. Green tea is considered more beneficial than traditional black and oolong teas as the finished product is not made to undergo the same withering and oxidation process as the latter. Green tea has a number of varieties, depending on the time of harvest, growing conditions, processing levels etc.

Green tea is said to fight a number of ailments and some of these have been backed by scientific research as well. One of the greatest benefits of green tea is its role in improving skin quality and maintaining the health of the skin. Green tea is said to be healthy for the skin in numerous ways and we're detailing how it may help you maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

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jeo6pn78Green tea benefits for skin: The tea is known to have anti-oxidant properties

Green Tea Benefits For Skin

1. May Help Fight Acne

Green tea has been found to possess a polyphenolic compound EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. It may help prevent acne and other skin infections.

2. May Reduce Risk Of Melanoma

A 2003 study - conducted by the researchers at Department of Dermatology, University of Alabama at Birmingham - concluded that green tea might be used as a pharmacological agent for the prevention of disorders of the skin caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolent radiations.

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3. May Help Control Oily Skin

The EGCG present in green tea is known to be anti-androgenic in nature. This effectively means that it regulates the production of androgens in the body, which in turn may reduce oil or sebum production on the skin.

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vmus5vjoGreen Tea Benefits For Skin: Green tea is said to protect against effects of UV exposure

4. May Slow Down Skin Ageing

There is some evidence to suggest that topical application of green tea extracts along with consumption of the tea may help improve skin elasticity, and hence, slow down skin ageing. Green tea is also known to have a moisturising effect on the skin and it may also reverse sun damage on the skin.

Green tea contains some amount of caffeine, so if you have been told to completely swear off caffeine, you may want to consult your nutritionist before consuming it. Those wanting to reduce their caffeine intake by giving up coffee may want to switch to green tea, as it has less amounts of caffeine as compared to the former.


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