Tamannaah Bhatia's Nutritionist Dishes Out 5 Secrets To Get Naturally Beautiful Skin!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: July 17, 2018 17:14 IST

Tamannaah Bhatia's Nutritionist Dishes Out 5 Secrets To Get Naturally Beautiful Skin!
  • Rashi Chowdhary is nutritionist to Tamannaah Bhatia and Huma Qureshi
  • Rashi recommends including vitamin C and Glutathione in diet
  • Drinking matcha tea every evening may be beneficial for skin
You may have noticed the name of nutritionist and inch-loss expert Rashi Chowdhary crop up on a number of celebrity social media pages. The nutritionist and entrepreneur, who is based out of Dubai has an impressive list of clienteles which includes Baahubali star Tamannaah Bhatia and Gangs of Wasseypur actor Huma Qureshi. Rashi Chowdhary has a YouTube channel of her own, where she dishes out secrets to a healthy mind and body, but venture onto her Instagram page at any hour of the day and you'll find useful tidbits about skin care, weight loss and general well-being. Rashi gives out tips for mindful and clean eating, and as such has struck a chord with millions of people across the globe.

Rashi Chowdhary's Instagram page has a number of very helpful posts about how to maintain a naturally beautiful skin, and recently she created one where talked about foods and nutrients that one can easily add to their diet, in order to improve the quality of their skin. "Skin care! If you're against medication and want to improve your skin naturally... here are 5 super easy ways to start with!," wrote Rashi in the Instagram post.

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Here are five things that Rashi suggests adding to your diet for a naturally beautiful skin:

1. Vitamin C: This antioxidant vitamin present in most citrus fruits, suggests Rashi, is a crucial addition to a better-skin diet. But, how much of it should you be consuming on a daily basis? "Have 2000 mg of vitamin C every single day," says Rashi, adding, "You can have an effervescent tablet in water post lunch or dinner if you feel like. Also, helps to curb that sugar craving post meals."

2. Glutathione: It's one of the most potent antioxidants that is produced by the body and is made up of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine and cysteine. You can load up on a number of foods to increase the levels of this antioxidant in your body, but Rashi suggests directly consuming this antioxidant in the form of supplements. "This should not be over 250 mg in the reduced form. Try and get your hands on a supplement with this potency and form," Rashi suggests.

3. Amla or Indian gooseberries: We're all familiar with the incredibly health benefits of amla. Ayurveda is, especially, fond of these bright green packets of nutrition, and Rashi, too, suggests adding a bowl of them to your diet to get a glowing skin. Alternatively, she suggests consuming blueberries, which she says supply your body with good amounts of antioxidants, without loading you up with sugars.

4. Turmeric Powder: The bright yellow turmeric powder has many healing benefits and was one of India's best kept secrets until only recently when the Western world caught on and became fascinated by its multiple uses. Rashi Chowdhary suggests adding just a pinch of turmeric powder to your diet, for "clearer, brighter looking skin" as well as gut health. Rashi suggests consuming small amount of turmeric, first thing in the morning.

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5. Dark Chocolate: "This one's my favourite, of course. Just make sure the dark chocolate you eat is at least 70 percent," says Rashi, adding, "Even better option would be to get some raw cacao nibs and add that to your bowl of berries (works so well with blue berries and raspberries) or to your smoothie bowls if that's your thing!"

So, there you have it! In another post, Rashi also suggested swapping your cup of black coffee with matcha tea to get a load of its amazing antioxidant benefits. She suggests drinking matcha tea every evening, saying that one cup of matcha drink is as powerful as 10 cups of green tea! So, what are you waiting for? It's time to eat (and drink) your way to a healthier skin!


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