The Ultimate Guide to Bar Glassware: Cocktails, Beer and Wine Glasses

Shubham Bhatnagar  |  Updated: May 22, 2018 17:56 IST

The Ultimate Guide to Bar Glassware: Cocktails, Beer and Wine Glasses
Cheers! Most interesting stories begin with the clinking of glasses, don't they? I am sure we all have had many such nights at our favourite bars or restaurants, or even at home. But, have you ever noticed that the drinks you order are always served in a very distinctive style of glassware? While a lot of new restaurants have come up with some quirky ways of serving their drinks - like bathtub-shaped glasses and bulb glasses - you might want to stick with the classic evergreen options for your guests. There is a fair amount of science and history that decides what drink to pour in which kind of glass. We have listed quite a comprehensive list of glasses that will complete your home bar. While most of these glasses have specific names, either based on their structural design or on the name of the companies that pioneered them, we would list these glasses in a way you can easily purchase them in the market or order them online.

The White Wine Glass

For most people, a wine glass is a wine glass, be it white or red. However, if you have a wine connoisseur coming over, you might want to serve your white and red wines in different glasses. After all, research shows that a fine wine drinking experience is incomplete without the wine being served in the right glass.

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The white wine glass has a narrow lip to direct your wine to the front of your mouth and also to release the aroma close to your nose, since a good white wine has a delicate aroma. The bowl of the white wine glass is traditionally taller and less broad at the base. Its stem should be sturdy and thick enough for one to hold on to it to prevent the heat of the hand to affect the temperature and taste of the drink.

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The Red Wine Glass

CommentsRed wines typically have a stronger aroma. Once they are poured in a glass, they need more space to breathe in order to give you the right aroma; which is why the bowl of the red wine glass should be broader like a balloon. The lip of the red wine glass can be broader in shape since its aroma is not delicate and the broader lip also allows the wine to be dislodged to the back and the sides of the tongue; where its taste can be best realised.

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