Heal Your Lower Back Pain with Regular Muscle Exercises

   |  Updated: January 08, 2016 13:12 IST

Heal Your Lower Back Pain with Regular Muscle Exercises
Being active and exercising regularly can me more effective in treating lower back pain as opposed to complete rest. Lower-back pain is one of the most common health conditions worldwide. It can have substantial health and economic costs as people experience disability and general ill health, leading them to need time off work.

A new study, published in the journal Cochrane Library, finds that  exercises that improve coordination of muscles that support and control the spine offer a strategy to reduce pain and disability caused by lower back pain. A serious of exercises can actually help you fight stiffness, tension and even soreness. "Targeting the strength and coordination of muscles that support the spine through motor control exercise offers an alternative approach to treating lower back pain,” said lead author Bruno Saragiotto from The University of Sydney, Australia.

Motor control exercise is a popular form of exercise that aims at improving the coordination of muscles that control and support the spine. Patients are initially guided by a therapist to practice normal use of the muscles with simple tasks. As the patient's skill increases, these exercises become more complex and include the functional tasks that the person needs to perform during work and leisure activities.
To reach to this conclusion, the study gathered together data from 29 randomized trials involving a total of 2,431 men and women, aged between 22 and 55 years old. These trials investigated the impact of using motor control exercises as a treatment for lower back pain compared with other forms of exercise or doing nothing.

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The researchers found that people who used motor control exercises experienced improvements, especially in pain and disability compared with minimal intervention. "We can be confident that they are as effective as other types of exercise, so the choice of exercise should take into account factors such as patient or therapist preferences, cost and availability,” Saragiotto added.

Using a combination of physical activity, strength training and therapy can really work wonders. But you should be careful on choosing the right exercises for you depending on the cause and intensity of pain.  According to Dr. O.P. Garg, HOD & Senior Consultant Rheumatologist at Dr. BL Kapur Hospital in New Delhi "Back pains have become a common phenomena. Motor control exercises can definitely help relive back pain. They can be performed twice a day, preferably on empty stomach. Apart from some serious conditions like spondylitis or back prolapse, they tend to be successful in other normal cases"

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