The Best TRX Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Adharika kapoor  |  Updated: May 08, 2017 14:47 IST

The Best TRX Exercises for a Full Body Workout

TRX exercises

  • This total body resistance workout is a combination of over 300 exercises
  • It improves joint stability and muscle balance
  • It enhances your day to day posture and shapes your body
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What's more worthwhile than having your strength and stability mapped and developed simultaneously with your flexibility? It is an all-in-one exercise that inculcates strength training and flexibility while toning your body. The ultimate TRX suspension equipment has taken the world of fitness by storm. With the help of two straps, it combines a host of exercises that strengthen your core and muscles in every possible way. Originally created by the United States Navy SEALs, what makes TRX extremely popular is the fact that it uses your own body weight to exercise the muscles rather than relying on external objects like dumbbells and the likes.
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What's even more appealing is the fact that TRX exercises can be done anywhere and anytime. However, it is advisable to initially start with a trainer and once you've got the hang of it, you can be on your own. Listen to your body, it speaks to you and signals you at every stage of the way. Check your endurance level and decide the intensity of the workout accordingly. It is best to increase the intensity of the workout gradually since you may take some time to adjust with a new equipment and understand its workings and functions. 
This total body resistance workout is a combination of over 300 exercises and is the most sought after fitness equipment. It helps in coordinating the entire system. This “all-in-one” workout combination is the best way to tone your and maintain your shape. 

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trx exercises fitnessIt is a combination of over 300 exercises Photo Credit: instagram/trx_super

According to Shrey Khanna, Fitness Consultant at S.Q.U.A.T.S, “Body-weight is the resistance to work with so it provides more engagement of the core and the whole body. There is greater excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) as more muscle groups are used at once and better stability is developed overtime. It also improves joint stability and muscle balance. The equipment is easy to procure and is affordable.”

According to Fitness Trainer Zeenat Mistry from Mumbai who is also a 6th degree black belt trainer under Sensei Parvez Mistry,"This training helps in all aspects of fitness namely cardio vascular, strength, power, balance and co-ordination. It enhances your day to day posture and increases your strength and shapes your body to the level you desire with strong bones and lean muscles for a healthy lifestyle.” She suggests the following TRX exercises you can try for a full body workout.

1. Low Row for Upper Body

Difficulty: Beginner
How to Perform: It targets the back, abs, shoulders and biceps. Grab the handles and bend backwards till your body weight is on your heels. Keeping your core tight, pull the torso up to meet your arms and repeat.

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trx exercises fitness

Low row upper body; Photo Credit: instagram/lidiya_barytska

2. Squats for Lower Body

Difficulty: Beginner
How to Perform: It targets the abs, quads, glutes and the hamstrings. Start by holding both handles in front of your waist with your elbows bent by the sides. Lower yourself down into a squat position , extending your arms in front of you. Make sure they are at an eye level. Push yourself back up to start and repeat few times. 
trx exercises fitness

Squats for the lower body; Photo Credit: instagram/beatalahhampersonaltraining

3. Suspended Plank with Abduction for the Whole Body

Difficulty: Intermediate
How to Perform: It targets the abs, hips, shoulders and the obliques. Get into the regular suspended plank position. Keeping the core tight and separate your legs as wide as you can—this is when you’re putting your hips to work. Pause for a few seconds and return to start. 
trx exercises fitness

Planks to strengthen the core; Photo Credit: instagram/trxpontevedra

4. A Set of Three - Full Body Workout

According to Fitness Trainer Shrey Khanna, a set of these three exercises is an excellent form of full body workout. 

TRX Pull Up: You need to lift your body up while keeping your toes intact into the straps and allow the palms to take all the weight. Repeat.
trx exercises fitness

Push ups to strengthen arm muscles; Photo Credit: instagram/rezidenciafitness

Atomic Push Up: This exercise is just like a normal push up but with a TRX equipment. Make sure your hips are higher than your shoulders. But your feet must be suspended into the TRX while your hips lie in the air. In the process, the knees bend forward.

TRX Torso Rotation: With your hands held in the TRX, rotate your torso, left and right and repeat.

Always remember that no form of exercise is meant to drain or exhaust you, so perform these TRX exercises till you feel energized and then give your body some rest. Don't overdo.


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