Yoga for Success: Simple Neck Exercises For Intellectual Sharpness

   |  Updated: June 20, 2015 09:03 IST

Yoga for Success: Simple Neck Exercises For Intellectual Sharpness
It is very easy to lose ourselves in the incessant action of lives. It may seem like sleepwalking where you just drift away from one scene of a movie to another. With more materialistic approach we are heading towards spiritual failure and hence losing the focus of our life. 

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The ultimate aim of yoga is to rejuvenate your body inside out and install optimism within you. Practising yoga can cleanse and detoxify your body by increasing the circulation of blood. The yogic postures and principles can make you successful.  One of the major principles of yoga is positive thinking. An optimistic person even after facing failures in life will always look up to the brighter side of the situations. It is therefore important how we think and that comes only when your mind is at peace. 

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Here is the best way to develop your attitude that will ensure success of every kind: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev demonstrates how you can use yoga to do so. Breathe deeply and keep your posture erect and follow the video. 

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