Baking Tips: 4 Of The Best Silicone Cake Mould And Hammer Options

We bring some silicone mould and hammer combos that can be great for both cake and chocolate making.

Somdatta Saha  |  Updated: February 22, 2021 08:36 IST

Baking Tips: 4 Of The Best Silicone Cake Mould And Hammer Options

Let's admit, the rich aroma of a fresh batch of cakes and muffins makes every one of us drool. Hence, many of us try our hands on baking at home to enjoy those fresh and fluffy treats. And in such cases, one must have some of the basic essentials at home that are a must for baking your desired food item - cake mould being one of those essentials. If you look around, you will find different types of cake moulds in the market. While some are made of aluminium, others are silicon based.

Here we bring you 4 silicone-based cake mould options that can be cleaned easily and re-used whenever you want. Read on.

SHOAIB Pinata Silicone Cake Mould With Wooden Hammer

For the ones who are new into baking, this mould is ideal to start with. It is easy to handle and prevents your cake from sticking.

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Royals Silicone Round Cake Pinata Mould And Hammer

The ones looking to prepare a round cake, this product is ideal for you. It comes with a wooden hammer and can be cleaned easily after every use.

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C&G INDIAPinata 3D Diamond Heart Shape Chocolate/Cake Mold With Hammer

We also found a cake mould that can help you prepare a heart-shaped cake like a pro baker. Besides cake, you can also make chocolates in this mould.

VazzLox Pinata 3D Diamond Heart Shape Chocolate/Cake Mold With Hammer

This mould, which also comes with a hammer, is both microwave oven and freezer safe. And because of the silicone material this product is unbreakable, making it ideal for long-term use.

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