Viral: This Easy Hack To Cook Minced Meat Evenly Will Blow Your Mind!

This viral hack suggests heating minced meat evenly in a pan with the help of a metal whisk, used to mix cake batters or eggs for omelette.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: October 14, 2020 15:53 IST

Viral: This Easy Hack To Cook Minced Meat Evenly Will Blow Your Mind!

Viral hack to evenly heat minced meat is winning the internet.

  • Minced meat is used in a number of dishes in Indian cuisine
  • Facebook user suggested a hack to evenly heat the meat in a pan
  • She recommended using a whisk instead of a wooden spatula

Home cooks and food enthusiasts often share the simplest hacks from their kitchen that make cooking much easier. There are plenty of cooking hacks to be found on the internet - whether to quickly chop vegetables or whip up an egg dish. There are also various kinds of hacks; while some are not very practical, others make you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. An easy hack recently surfaced on the internet which allows you to evenly cook minced meat with a simple tool - the humble whisk.

Minced meat is used in a number of Indian dishes, whether a delectable Chapli kebab or a yummy Keema do Pyaaza. Usually, we tend to use a simple wooden or metal spatula to cook the minced meat. However, Facebook user Ami from South Wales pointed out in a Facebook group that using a whisk could actually work better.

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abca880gThe whisk is the way to heat minced meat evenly. 

Although the whisk is usually used to mix cake batters or eggs for omelettes, Ami suggested in her Facebook post how the whisk helps thoroughly distribute the minced meat for even cooking. The raw meat then can be cooked and used in any dish. The metal whisk and its multiple prongs can break down the stubborn lumps in minced meat, thus making it easier to incorporate in a number of recipes. Some users pointed out that a potato masher could also serve the same purpose.


What a simple way to incorporate a common tool and use it in a different way than what it was intended for. Kudos to the user for her creativity. What did you think of the easy hack? Tell us in the comments below!


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