I'm Now Guilt Free

 , Food Editor, NDTV  |  Updated: August 06, 2012 15:16 IST

I'm Now Guilt Free
After being on air on Good Food for years with Dr Shikha Sharma, I became quite intimate with the A,B,C's of all the vitamins and the omegas, not on your wrist but on on your plate, and the indexes of the glycemic variety. So far so good.

Little did I know it would creep into my culinary veins and food would take on a new meaning in the kitchen, and soon I began to prefer fresh over frozen, seasonal over imported, organic over packeted, in general wholesome over filling.

Whenever I would cook, and the family would appreciate the outcome (under my terrifying gaze), my immediate reply would be  - "but I've made it in one tablespoon of oil, or butter" or if it was galouti kebabs, then one tablespoon of ghee.

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And so Guilt Free is essentially a reincarnation of sorts. This time it's my outdoor kitchen. With a new friend every week. The format is fluid. Sometimes the friend is skeptical about what I am making. Chetan Seth couldn't believe that I would make him eat a pizza with multigrains and flax seeds! And Divya Burman looked aghast when I was putting paneer in my Cinabons. Then there are episodes  when my friends make original dishes, the real monty with all the fat in the world. And then I try my hand at re-inventing some of the classics. We chat, we laugh, we break bread and some of the rules of cooking along the way. What we get is, bran muffins, home made granola, dahi kebabs, chicken and feta burgers, low fat qorma and always, high energy chatter.Seema Chandra's new show,Guilt Free, premieres tomorrow, December 24, at 8:30pm onNDTV Good Times.

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