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  • Sattu Ka Paratha

    Sattu Paratha is a family member of Indian breads, most popular in the Bihar region of India where it is a staple food. Sattu is full of fibre, and essential nutrients like protein thus making ...

  • Sabudana Vada

    A fulfilling, Maharashtrian snack for days of fasting/vrat. These delicious Sabudana Vadas are crispy, soft, light and healthy. These also make for a great morning or evening snack.

  • Spicy Chicken Curry

    This delicious spicy chicken curry is one of the easiest and quickest chicken recipes to make. It is full of flavours and goes well with roti or rice. This is going to be the highlight ...

  • Punjabi Dal Tadka

    This Punjabi dal tadka is a mouth watering dish served with roti, naan or rice. Any Punjabi menu is incomplete without this tadka dal. Almost every Indian restaurant has the delicious dal tadka on their ...

  • Paneer Malpua

    Much popular sweet, Malpua has number of varieties. This paneer Malpua is not only tasty but also a healthy dessert. Sugar syrup adds to a wonderful taste.

  • Paneer Tiikka Roll

    Lip smacking spicy paneer tikka wrapped in a roti or paratha, which will leave you wanting for more. It is not just a different way of enjoying paneer tikkas but also a health, stomach filling ...

  • Mutton Shami Kebab

    Shami kebab is a wonderful snack from hyderabadi cuisine. This easy-to-cook recipe is made by mutton though Shami kebabs can be vegetarian too. A perfect snack for dinner parties at home.

  • Spicy Paneer Tikka

    Marinated paneer cubes arranged on skewers and grilled with spicy masala to lend a subtle smoky and juicy flavour. Paneer tikka is a delicious must-have vegetarian snack at any party. This recipe gives you the ...

  • Mango Ice Cream

    An easy, home made and delicious mango ice cream for your sweet tooth. Creamy, scoopable and filled with flavour of mango is what an ice cream lover would crave for, and for someone who waits ...

  • Khus Khus Ka Halwa

    Khus Khus or poppy seeds are usually used in Indian cuisine for making gravies and because of its highly nutritive nature it is also used in making breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, curries, sweets and confectionery. ...

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