World Health Day 2019: Celeb Nutritionist Jaydeep Bhuta On How To Select A Weight Loss Diet That Gets Results

Jaydeep Bhuta  |  Updated: April 08, 2019 12:07 IST

World Health Day 2019: Celeb Nutritionist Jaydeep Bhuta On How To Select A Weight Loss Diet That Gets Results

World Health Day 2019: An individual looking to lose weight should have a goal of well-being

  • World Health Day 2019 will be observed on April 7th
  • Celeb nutritionist Jaydeep Bhuta addresses a pertinent issue
  • Prioritise health while selecting a weight loss diet, says Bhuta

World Health Day 2019 will be celebrated on Sunday, April 7th. It is observed worldwide every year, to raise pertinent issues related to health and to spread awareness about the various key aspects related to human health. The theme for World Health Day 2019 is 'Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere' and the slogan for World Health Day is 'Health For All'. Diet and nutrition is a big part of maintaining your body in good health. However, fad diets and quick weight loss solutions may influence people to abandon good practices and lose sight of the real goal- staying healthy. Nutritional Consultant Jaydeep Bhuta writes about prioritising well-being over weight loss while planning your diet.

This World Health Day, I would like to address a very common yet pressing issue. Being a Nutritional Consultant comes at the cost of giving your clients the hard truth. I'm often asked why I am such a staunch advocate of weight loss. Why can't I just let people be happy with how they look and their weight? What most people fail to understand is that it's not just about weight loss, but rather about the effects that being overweight has on your body. It's about health. As long as a person achieves an ideal body composition, their body is equipped to keep them mentally, spiritually and physically healthy.

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An individual looking to lose weight should have a goal of well-being and not one that is just restricted to losing weight. Everything from your cardio-respiratory health to muscular and bone health, as well as immunity should be worked on. Hence, one needs to make sure they aren't just overweight but also aren't underweight either or their body is lacking in essential nutrients. This is why, it is important to diet the right way - with all the vitamins, minerals, good fats, proteins and antioxidants required to keep your immunity uncompromised.

It is of utmost importance to select your goal and to correct your body composition, which includes losing fat and increasing muscle, while not making desperate attempts like starving yourself. Everything starts with loving yourself and taking care of yourself by reducing stress, sleeping right and eating what is required for your body. Giving it the right kind of protein, the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and enough green leafy vegetables is important so that you never feel sluggish or tired.

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World Health Day 2019: It is important to diet the right way

Once you have identified the kind of food that is healthy for your body, invest some time in working out - muscle workouts like weight training, working on flexibility through yoga and stretching, cardio workouts like swimming, walking, etc. All of this will result in positive changes in your body. You will start feeling better, less lethargic and more energetic. When it comes to body composition, you will lose inches and become fitter.

Learn to love yourself through this journey- after all you are working towards a healthier you! Having a very strict, unplanned, and unrealistic diet or lifestyle change will just increase stress on your body and make you hate yourself for what you are trying to do. Never try to change your body out of forced compulsion but do it of your free will for a better life for yourself. So, set up a plan and be consistent and make it happen slowly and steadily - small goals add up to give you the bigger picture.

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Only you can make the decision for yourself. But every day that you feel a newer, better, healthier you, you would want to continue taking care of yourself with the right diet and exercise.

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