5 Aloo-Based Breakfast Recipes That Will Be Ready In Minutes

Sep 08, 2022 10:22 IST
Potatoes are used in every kind of cooking. These are so versatile that they can adapt to any taste. Here we bring you some breakfast recipes that can be made for breakfast.
  • 5 Aloo-Based Breakfast Recipes That Will Be Ready In Minutes

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you must have a hearty and fulfilling breakfast. While some of you may not get the time to cook lavish breakfast recipes, you can always cook something simple and quick. For the same, here we bring you some recipes that can be made using potatoes!
  • Aloo Sandwich

    Click here for recipe All you need are some spices and boiled potatoes to make this. Then just place the mixture in the centre of your sandwich and toast it! If you have leftover aloo sabzi from the night before, mix it up and use it as a filling.
  • Aloo Bread Roll

    Click here for recipe This recipe makes use of cheese, potatoes, masalas, and bread. This recipe is ideal for days when you want something hearty and satisfying.
  • Hash browns

    Click here for recipe Hash brown, a popular American breakfast dish, is similar to aloo tikki but is made with grated potatoes and seasonings. Hash is derived from the French word "hacher', which means "chopped', and thus suggests browned and hashed potatoes.
  • Aloo Uttapam

    Click here for recipe The usual fermented rice flour batter is replaced here with potatoes, soaked rice, and spices. When the batter is ready, you can add as many vegetables as you like.
  • Aloo Paneer Bread Pakoda

    Click here for recipe This aloo paneer pakoda is a deep-fried meal that is perfect for any day. In this recipe, you get the best of both aloo and paneer. You can even layer chutney within the pakoda.
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