6 Popular Recipes For A Wholesome, Desi Breakfast

Jun 22, 2021 15:48 IST
Thinking about what to make for breakfast? Take a look at these delicious options.
  • 6 Popular Recipes For A Wholesome, Desi Breakfast

    Mornings are generally the busiest hours for all. While we get ready for the day, the one thing that troubles us the most is what to cook for breakfast. Of course, there is the regular bread, butter and jam, but that might not be sufficient for a wholesome meal. After all, breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. If you are still wondering what to make for breakfast, then you are just at the right place! We have handpicked 6 of our most favourite Indian breakfast recipes that will help you kick-start the day.
  • Rawa Upma

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    Rawa upma is a light and simple South Indian speciality that makes for an excellent breakfast when topped with grated coconut. You can also add veggies of your choice to this dish.
  • Poha

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    It is quick and easy way to get some much-needed morning nutrients, along with a variety of flavours. Poha is generally cooked with different types of vegetables and some basic spices. To enhance the flavour, you can also top it with nuts, grated coconut, pomegranate seeds and more.
  • Oats Idli

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    One of the most popular dishes in South Indian cuisine, idli makes a popular choice for all the three meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is light, healthy and fulfilling to the core. Considering the popularity, we bring a recipe that adds the goodness of oats to the idli.
  • Aloo Paratha

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    In a North Indian family, aloo paratha is unquestionably among the most popular breakfast recipes. Paired with dahi and achar, aloo paratha defines indulgence for many.
  • Sooji-Besan Cheela

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    This cheela is loaded with the goodness of besan and sooji. While sooji adds the crunch in the dish, besan helps bind it well. And the best part is, you can prepare this cheela in just a few minutes.
  • Bombay Toasty

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    Bombay toasty is distinguished by the unique mint chutney added to the dish. It also includes sliced boiled potatoes and the usual vegetables found in sandwiches - such as cucumber, onion, and capsicum.
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