Healthy Diet Tips: 5 Best Baked Snacks Recipes

Oct 18, 2022 16:20 IST
From baked chakli to baked samosa, we have found some amazing baked snacks recipes to relish without guilt.
  • Healthy Diet Tips: 5 Best Baked Snacks Recipes

    If you thought the process of baking restricts to cakes, cookies and all things sweet, then you surely have much more to explore. You can bake savoury treats as well. Don't believe us? Let us help you with some amazing baked snacks recipes we curated.
  • Baked Ragi Chakli

    Click here for recipe Chakli, also known as murukku, is a crispy, tasty tea-time snack. Made with healthy ragi flour and baked to perfection, this snack would be simply perfect to pair with a hot up of tea.
  • Baked Chicken Seekh

    Click here for recipe Baked chicken seekh is a lovely dish with mild flavours and makes a popular meal in the Middle Eastern countries. The best part is, you can enjoy succulent seekh kebabs now without any guilt!
  • Baked Kachori

    Click here for recipe Here is a delicious kachori recipe packed with chillies and spices, baked till great! You can pair this with your favourite aloo ki sabzi or chutney of your choice.
  • Baked Gujiya

    Click here for recipe Besides being a baked goodness, this gujiya boasts of nuts and dry fruits and makes for an ideal snack to much on whenever you want.
  • Baked Raw Banana Samosa

    Click here for recipe Another popular Indian street food, this samosa recipe comes with raw banana stuffing combined with chillies and spices. When baked, this samosa recipe is perfect to gorge on without any guilt.
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