These 5 Yummy Gud Recipes Are A Must-Add To Your Winter Menu

Dec 12, 2021 22:51 IST
This is the perfect season to start binging on jaggery or gud. Take a look at the these delicious gud recipes.
  • These 5 Yummy Gud Recipes Are A Must-Add To Your Winter Menu

    Most of us want to eat something warm, rich, and decadent in winter. And there's no shortage of hot dishes and desserts to keep your heart and stomach satisfied. However, this time, we recommend that you revisit an ingredient that has long been a part of our kitchen. Yes, we are talking about gud (jaggery). It is sweet, fulfilling and you can easily whip up various dishes with this ingredient. So, if you also want to indulge in its goodness, here we bring you some must-try gud recipes for winter!
  • Gud Ki Roti

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    You won't be able to resist this combination of whole wheat flour soaked in a milk-gud mixture to make sweet rotis smeared with ghee. It is simply sweet and delicious!
  • Gugule

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    These gud-based pakodas will satisfy your cravings if you have a sweet tooth. Gulgule is the easiest and quickest to prepare. They are made from a thick batter of atta, saunf, gud, and ghee, and deep-fried.
  • Gud Ke Chawal

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    This recipe's name translates to "jaggery rice," and it is exactly that. It's best to eat the sweetened rice dish while it's still warm. It can be eaten with or without warm milk, just like regular rice.
  • Patishapta

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    A popular Bengali dessert is patishapta. Thin crepes are stuffed with a delectable coconut and jaggery filling made with refined flour, rice flour and semolina.
  • Gud Ka Halwa

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    The gud ka halwa is another classic that you must try this winter. This jaggery dish is simple to prepare and is sure to please people of all ages.
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