Classic Whisky Smash Recipe

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Classic Whisky Smash
How to make Classic Whisky Smash

About Classic Whisky Smash Recipe: A classic stir of whisky, mint and sugar with a tang of lime and crushed ice on top, whisky smash is a perfect start to your party.

Ingredients of Classic Whisky Smash

  • 7 Fresh mint leaves
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 1 tbsp sugar syrup
  • 60 ml bourbon whisky
  • Crushed ice

How to Make Classic Whisky Smash

  • 1.Muddle fresh mint leaves, 1 half lemon, and sugar syrup in cocktail shaker 4-5 times just to release juice and oils.
  • 2.Add 60 ml bourbon. Transfer into an old fashion glass.
  • 3.Fill halfway with crushed ice, stir, and then mound more ice on top.
  • 4.Garnish with mint spring, cherry and black olives.
Key Ingredients: Fresh mint leaves, Lemon, sugar syrup, bourbon whisky, Crushed ice