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  • Summer Breeze

    A perfect party cocktail. It's light and fresh with the tang of citrus and the everlasting flavour of vodka.

  • Fall Cocktail

    Fall be the best time to just sit back and relax over a glass of perfectly made cocktail. Here is the one with Gin, topped with lemon juice and sugar syrup, just the right one ...

  • Bourbon Fig

    Who doesn't love bourbon? When it is infused with some figs, you get a mind boggling, amazing summer cocktail that leaves you with an everlasting taste.

  • Desi Masala Cocktail

    Very easy to prepare at home, this masala cocktail is made of white rum and guava juice. Guava is the perfect cooler and easily available. A blend of spices, rum and guava juice elevate the ...

  • Whisky and Tea

    A bizarre combination, mix your love for tea and scotch and impress your friends with your amazing skills.

  • Medusa

    Bye bye vodka tonics! Hello Medusa. Flavoured with fresh cucumber, apple juice and fennel - you will fall in love with FLYP @ MTV's delicious cocktail.

  • Love, Live and Laugh

    A twist on the classic martini with an addition of cappuccino foam and cinnamon powder.

  • Express Affinity

    A beautiful combination of coffee, cola and vodka espresso makes a perfect summer drink.

  • Pina Colada

    A mixture of rum, coconut water, cream, pineapple juice and sugar syrup. Cool down with this tropical favourite.

  • Gimlet

    Sip on, enjoy and unwind with this one. An icy cool cocktail made of gin and lime cordial.

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